Why Proper Roof Installation Is Vital to Your Roof’s Performance

All problems your roof experiences, from leaks to blown-off shingles, can trace its roots to how well your roofer installed your roof. This risk is why proper roof installation is vital to your roof’s operating performance.

Proper Roof Installation

Proper Roof Installation and Ventilation

A roof properly installed is also properly ventilated. While you might think that ventilation is only important for your home’s comfort levels, it actually plays a role in keeping your roof “healthy”. Proper roof ventilation ensures that your roof’s structure doesn’t dry out and chip during the colder seasons or accrue moisture damage during summer.

Improper Installation Causes Leaks

Most roofers will tell you that leaks form naturally, a consequence of lack of flashings on the roof. This is technically true, but leaks also tend to form faster when the roof is improperly installed. Since the roof structure itself is impaired, the underlayment has a more difficult time preventing water from entering. This is risky when you experience heavy rain or a storm since leaks will likely appear after a few days.

Proper Installation Ensures an Attractive Roof

Proper roof installation ensures that your roof performs well no matter how much elemental damage it experiences. A properly-installed roof is also an attractive one and helps boost your home’s frontage and curb appeal. The fact that your roof doesn’t encounter that many problems further boosts your roof’s innate aesthetics.

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