Why is Summer One of the Best Times to Get a New Roof?

Thinking of getting a new roof for your home? Summer is arguably one of the best times to get roof repair or installation done. Let Roofing by Curry explains why.

New Roof

Mid Summer Roofing

Technically, the best time to do any roofing project is mid summer. Since most roofing projects get done after the initial spring rush, you don’t have to wait in a queue anymore since summer is technically off-season for roofing.

Our roofing contractors also recommend mid summer for roofing replacement since there are many holidays during this time. Naturally, most people aren’t keen to do any housework at this time, so it’s the perfect opportunity for you to get replacement done if you missed the initial on-season roofing rush.

Summer has Amicable Weather

Another reason it’s better to do roof replacements during summer is that the weather is relatively amicable. Sudden spring rain showers might seem harmless, but they are actually dangerous for new roofing since water might damage the roof internally as it’s being installed. This could result in extensive moisture damage in the long run.

Always Go with the Pros

Finally, make sure you go with the professionals when you’re planning to do roof replacements. While it’s tempting to do it on your own, replacements are risky and complex jobs. Additionally, you can never really tell if replacement is all you need. Roof repair is sometimes necessary for older roofs, especially if the underlayment has accrued existing damage throughout its operating lifespan.

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