Weather Preparation: 4 Technical Jargons You Need to Know

It’s another typical weather forecast flashed on the television. But did you really understand what your weather anchor has told you? One of the first steps in understanding weather occurrences and forecasts is through researching the jargons mentioned. As the leader among roof companies in Sarasota, we at Roofing by Curry would like to remind homeowners the importance of understanding basic weather terminologies. This will help you on decide on the kind of preparation you would do to your home.

Alberta Clipper

The Alberta Clipper is a type of storm system mostly experienced during winter. It originates from Alberta, a Canadian province, or other nearby locations. The term “clipper” is attached to this weather occurrence due to its quick pace. It usually takes a southeastward direction from Alberta towards the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Traversing through the North American continent, it brings one to three inches of snow, colder temperature, and gusty winds.

Bermuda High

The Bermuda High is a high-pressure area in the subtropical, northern part of the Atlantic Ocean, known for being semi-permanent. Usually forming near the east coast of the continent, the Bermuda High migrates east and west, with extremely changeable central pressure. It usually stops near Bermuda when it moves westward during summer and fall. It stops near Azores when it moves east, hence the other name, Azores High.

El Niño & La Niña

The El Niño and La Niña occurrences are phases that compose El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO). This is characterized as the variations in temperature between the ocean and the atmosphere found in the parts of the Pacific Ocean that are near the equator. El Niño is considered as the warm phase of ENSO, while La Niña is the cold phase. El Niño is the term used to describe the periodic warming in the ocean surface within the area aforementioned, while La Niña refers to the below-average colder temperatures of the ocean.

Now you know the gravity of each aforementioned weather situation. You can now prepare accordingly the next you are going to call Sarasota roof companies to do your roofing project. We at Roofing by Curry stand by your side regardless of the tide. Call us today for more information about our products and services.