Voting No Roof Left Behind Program and the four finalists’ stories

Community votes will decide

which deserving family will win a free roof!

Voting ends November 3th. 

You can vote at


Sarasota October 10, 2017.- Roofing by Curry’s “Fall 2017 No Roof Left Behind program” has selected the four finalists who are hoping to get votes from the community. Every vote counts and gives finalists a better chance to win a new roof. No Roof Left Behind is a nationwide program designed to help communities organize and rally around a local family in need.

The winner will receive a new free roof in November. “This is the 9th edition of Roofing by Curry’s No Roof Left Behind Program for Sarasota and Manatee counties. “This is our way of giving back to the community. We appreciate all the online nominations and wish the finalists the best”, said Gary Curry, President of Roofing by Curry.

How people can cast their vote? It is simple, visit the website and enter a Sarasota or Manatee zip code. It redirects you to the Roofing by Curry page that contains the four finalist’s stories  and the online voting form. In order to get a valid vote, the voters should check their email and click the confirmation link to complete the vote.

“We hope the community participates with their votes and help one of these families from Sarasota and Manatee counties to win a free roof” said Gary Curry.

PR contact at Roofing by Curry: Grisel Curry 941-544-5556 griscurry@roofingbycurry.



1. Darlene de Zafra: AJ Schulz



My mother has given herself to her family and anyone who ever needed her, her entire life. She always goes without in order to provide for others. She is widowed and currently helping my sister raise her 10 month old son. Her roof is in dire need of replacement. Every room of the house has a leak, she has several buckets in the attic to catch most of the water, her ceilings inside are coming down, and now she even has a tarp on her roof to try to prevent anymore damage. She works seven days a week to provide for her family and always puts herself last. My mother is so deserving, yet would never ask or expect any handouts. I just want to find a way to give back to her after all that she has done for so many people!

2. Carol Berg: Sam Cowell



Carol is disabled retired. She has had a very hard life about 1995. Her 18 yr old son was diagnosed with ALS but it is not just ALS, drs cannot determine what else it is. He is in a nursing home but she is there twice a day feeding and taking care of him even when her health is very bad. She and her husband have very little money. The roof was damaged during a storm and they have no funds to repair it. It has been leaking for several months now and ruining the rest of the house. PLEASE help? I am guessing on the sq footage. somewhere around 1100 to 1200.

3. Kerri L. Johns: Clayton Cowell



My grand daughter’s bedroom has water damage from a leak in the roof. Mildew has accumulated in various places. It is now a unusable room. My granddaughter has developed allergies and takes medicine for her new condition. My Son & Daughter in law would repair her room but the roof needs to be fixed first. Monies are limited to fixing everything at once. They both work very hard to support a family of 4

4. Rick and Jeanne Coker: Mark Mazer



My childhood provided me with incredible memories that I will always cherish. The truth is that most amazing childhood memories are made possible through the perseverance and sacrifice of loving parents. My dad worked tirelessly to provide for our family, at times being away from home for months working grueling jobs. My mom single-handedly shouldered the endless responsibilities which accompany raising 7 children, often times doing so by herself. My parents poured themselves out for their family, friends, and anyone who came to them in need. Unfortunately, my dad has been disabled and in chronic pain for 10 years due to the injuries he suffered while working. My mom, while dealing with her own health issues, cares for him and their household on very limited income. Their roof is in disarray and in need of replacing as the patch-work no longer suffices. There truly aren’t two people more deserving!