Top Flat Roofing Options and Their Winning Features

Due to minimal pitch, flat roofs can’t shed rain and snowmelt fast enough to keep water from seeping into your home. Instead of shingling them, you should choose a low-slope option for a more reliable roof protection. As one of the trusted roofing companies in Sarasota, Roofing by Curry gives you a primer on our different flat roof solutions. Here their features and benefits:

Winning Features


A built-up roofing system comprises of alternating layers of bitumen and ply sheets. We use piles of gravel or hot tar, along with other compounds, to waterproof your home without compromise. Our team uses premium reinforcing fabrics to fasten the material effectively.

Roofing by Curry is one of the few Sarasota roofing contractors with a wealth of experience in installing BUR systems. Irrespective of your home’s structural challenges, we have advanced equipment and skilled professionals to carry out the project safely and efficiently.


One of the most sought-after single-ply membranes today, thermoplastic polyolefin offers ease of installation and delivers exceptional energy performance. On average, TPO sheets last about 12 years without any damage due to exposure to chemicals, ozone, and UV rays. They contain fire retardants to help keep your home intact in case of emergency.

Our team is proficient at the latest methods to install these single-ply sheets with excellence. With or without penetrations, you can rest assured that we’ll make your TPO system adhere to your flat roof in a perfectly sealed fashion.

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen is one of the most durable flat roofing solutions available. It resists the harshest of elements and expands and contracts properly. This greatly minimizes the need for constant repairs.

At Roofing by Curry, we’re not your ordinary modified bitumen contractor. We’re a Certified Polyglass® Installer. Whatever the dimensions of your roof, we can customize an innovative system to suit unique surfaces.

Not sure which flat roofing option to choose? Are you in need of quality Sarasota roof repair? Call us now at (941) 270-4770 so we can talk about the best solution for your home.