Tips on Hiring A Roof Expert With Confidence

Choosing the right roofing company for your home improvement project is important to make sure everything goes well. Proper installation, repair, and maintenance depend on the knowledge and skill of the people you hire. While there are many companies that try to hook people with gimmicky sales tactics, there are reliable metrics you can depend on to choose the right company.


Roofing by Curry gives you tips on hiring the best company for your project.

Hire an Experienced Company

Hiring established roofing contractors in Sarasota is a good decision. Companies with decades of experience have encountered a wide range of roofing situations. They’re equipped to handle any roofing project and practically any kind of home. They are also experienced with the local weather and know the techniques or products that fit Sarasota. Finally, lasting in the business for that long indicates a high level of trust among their customers.

Since 1986, Roofing by Curry has helped our customers with all their roofing needs. We’re specialists in all types of roofs and through the decades, we have completed over 10,000 roofs for single-family homes and multi-unit dwellings. You are in capable hands.

Hire a Certified Company

Proper certifications mean that the manufacturer trained the contractor in the installation and maintenance of their products. The manufacturer trusts that the contractor can best present and utilize their product, so they allow the contractor to offer the best warranties possible. Certification means the contractor engages in ongoing professional training, is fully licensed and insured, and is in good standing within the community.

We didn’t just earn a certification; we’re qualified as a GAF Master Elite® contractor. To earn this status, we met GAF’s rigorous and demanding standards of quality. This places us in the top 3% of all companies in the US. When you work with us, you can be sure that we’ve mastered every aspect of GAF’s products.

Hire an Award-Winning Company

Awards show that the company you’re working with has a history of exceptional performance. An award-winning company is the best choice for your roof repair in Sarasota because you’ll be sure of the quality of service you’re getting. GAF announced that we’re one of only 127 contractors nationwide to receive all three of the Master Elite® excellence awards. This is the third consecutive year they awarded us this great honor.

Our reputation as the roofing contractor of choice in Sarasota developed from years of dependable and quality service. We strive to earn our customers’ loyalty and build lasting relationships based on friendship and trust. We make every effort to exceed your expectations for your roofing project, and give you a stress-free experience. Give us a call to learn more about our products and services or to get a free estimate.