Tips for Pre-Reroofing Preparations

Preparing your home before Sarasota roofing contractors begin working on your roof helps make the entire installation process much easier. Your roofing contractor can certainly help, but preparing in advance saves you the frustration of last minute preparations. Here are some of the things you should prepare for.

Pre-Reroofing Preparations

Loading the Roofing Materials

The few days leading to the installation day will be very busy, as the contractor starts delivery of the roofing material. The driveway is the unloading area by default, but you have to let them know if you need the driveway clear and/or if you have a better spot in mind.

Heavy machinery is another thing you should be prepared for. In addition to the delivery trucks, cranes may be used to move shingles to the roof. The roofing work will generate a lot of noise so be sure to give your neighbors a heads up in advance.

Discarded Roofing

Discarded roofing isn’t easy to deal with — after all, we’re talking about an entire roof’s worth of old roofing material and discarded nails. Fortunately, roofing companies in Sarasota, including Roofing by Curry, cleans up after every roofing project. It’s impossible to track every stray nail during the removal process, but you can make arrangements to lay a tarp across the work area.

Alternatively, you may want to consider recycling your shingles, of which there are numerous benefits. For one, it’s much cheaper compared to sending the shingles to the dumpsite. You also help the environment; the asphalt in the shingles are 99% recyclable, and recycling doesn’t use up the space otherwise used in the dumpsite.


Your house will likely not be habitable during installation, considering the noise and the constant foot traffic in and around the yard. Once you get a final timetable from your contractor, make arrangements like sending the kids off to camp or with relatives. If you wish to make daily visits and oversee the entire project, make reservations at a nearby hotel. Mark off “no fly zones” in your home so the workers will know where they can (and can’t) go, which bathroom to use, and which areas they can use during breaks.

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