Protecting Yourself from 2 Common Contractor Scams

Homeowners spend more than $500 billion annually on home remodeling and improvements. With this enormous amount, it doesn’t come as a surprise that less than honorable contractors will take advantage of this. While a large majority of home improvement contractors are reliable, you’ll still need to learn how to protect yourself.


Roofing by Curry, one of the premier roofers in Sarasota, FL, discusses the three common contractor scams and how you can protect yourself from them.

1. Your contractor refuses to get a building permit. Every significant home improvement project, especially if it involves your roof, will require a building permit. This ensures that the work being done complies with the right safety codes. In fact, you can expect building officials to periodically visit the worksite to confirm that it is so.

An unlicensed contractor might try to tell you that the paperwork isn’t really that important. They might even suggest you apply for a homeowner’s permit, a choice that do-it-yourselfers usually go for. You’ll be lying to the authorities on who’s doing the work by taking out your own permit for a contractor job. It also makes you responsible for monitoring all inspections.

You can avoid this by demanding that the contractor get a building permit. This takes the unlicensed contractors out of the equation while providing you and your investment an extra layer of protection. You won’t have this problem when you turn to Roofing by Curry, your premier roofers in Sarasota. We make sure that we have the right permits before starting work on your roofing project.

2. Your contractor wants money up front. According to Better Business Bureau, this is the most reported ruse in home improvement. Your contractor says they’ll need up to 50% of the project price up front before the work can start. This is to order the materials or rent the appropriate equipment. The unreliable contractor will then disappear after getting the money. They might stay instead, doing sloppy work since they know there aren’t consequences.

To protect yourself, don’t give more than 10-20% of the job total. This is sufficient enough to establish you as a serious client, allowing the contractor to work you into their schedule.

When looking for trustworthy Sarasota roofers, turn to Roofing by Curry. We carry the right licenses and insurance for a safer and smoother home improvement experience. Our fully certified team also ensures superior and timely workmanship.

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