Roofing Stand Out

If you’re about to investing in a roof replacement, concrete tiles are a smart choice because they offer many benefits for your home. As one of the top roofing contractors in Sarasota, FL, Roofing by Curry sheds further light on the winning features of concrete tiles. They bring these qualities to the table:

rRoofing Stand Out

  1. Versatile

Concrete tile roofing emulates the unmistakable charm of clay, slate, and wood at a fraction of the cost. It comes in many shapes and colors to mimic the beauty of other roofing materials. Be it half tube–shaped or flat tiles, it looks authentic from the street.

Thanks to their versatility, concrete tiles can suit different architectural styles. From Tuscan- to English-style homes, you have plenty of aesthetic options to design your tile roof in a historically accurate fashion.

  1. Tough

Many Sarasota roof companies would say that concrete could outlive other popular materials. It puts up a great fight with Mother Nature, holding up against harsh elements for a long period. Concrete tiles share the extensive life spans of clay and slate but not their steep costs. Compared with wood, concrete doesn’t decay and delivers better fire resistance.

  1. Efficient

Concrete roofing makes a great insulator. It’s incredible durability helps keep the chances of leaks to a minimum for many years. At Roofing by Curry, we’ll also check if your deck and vents promote adequate ventilation. This way, your roof could breathe, prevent moisture buildup, and reduce direct thermal transfer.

  1. Sustainable

Concrete tiles are made of naturally occurring raw ingredients, including water, sand, and cement. Their manufacturing process causes relatively low impact to the environment. Their resilience also lowers the need for any repair or even eliminates the necessary for a replacement for decades.

Choose concrete roofing and increase your home’s value significantly. For quality replacement or roof repair in Sarasota, FL, call us now at (941) 270-4770 to get your project started.