Signs that Your Roof Has Reached Its Limits

While every roof has a set service life, constant exposure to the elements can deteriorate it over time and warrant repair or replacement. That said, not all roofs show visible signs that they’re due for fixing. Some require trained eyes to spot them. In any case, an efficient way to figure out if you definitely need to replace your roof is to hire GAF® Master Elite™ roofing contractors in Sarasota such as Roofing by Curry.

Roof limits

We discuss some of the signs that your roof has reached the end of its life span.

Missing Shingles

Severe weather conditions such as high winds can cause serious damage to your roof and blow off your roofing shingles. If we see that a large portion of your roofing system has missing shingles, then you’ll want to hire professionals to provide replacements.

Curled Shingles

Sudden changes in temperature can cause your roof’s shingles to curl inwards, letting rainwater onto the roof deck that can lead to leaks if not properly addressed soon. For this, it’s important to hire professional roof companies in Sarasota, such as us, to examine your roof. We’ll have a look at it and determine the severity of your roof’s condition, recommending roof replacement or repair as needed.

Excessive Granules in Your Gutters

A few granules are just loose excess asphalt and shouldn’t lead to any serious problems. If you see an excessive amount of granules in your gutters, however, then it’s an indication that your roofing requires replacement.

Dark Spots in Your Home

Roof leaks are not always apparent and the only time you’ll notice them is when it’s already too late. If we see that your home’s interior walls and ceiling surfaces have dark stains, then it’s likely that your home is suffering from leaks caused by faulty roofing. For that, we can conduct minor roof repair in Sarasota. If, however, we see that the leaks were caused by damage that’s beyond repair, then it’s time to have your roof replaced.

As a GAF® Master Elite™ contractor, you can rely on us to conduct a thorough roof inspection. This will allow us to identify early signs of roofing issues and help you prevent them from growing worse. That said, if we see that your roof has reached the end of its service life then we’ll recommend replacement.

We can provide you with our brand’s popular Timberline® shingle roof that can withstand harsh climate conditions and blow-offs for a long time. They’re also available in an array of colors and profiles that will perfectly match your home’s exterior features. Lastly, they come with exclusive warranties that will protect you for years.

Let Roofing by Curry check your roof to spot and deal with early signs of roof failure. Call us today at (941) 270-4770 for more information about our roofing services.