Sarasota Against the Inconveniences of the Season

Hurricanes are always something to look out for. There is nothing comforting about news of an approaching hurricane. It calls to mind images of bent trees and branches on the road which makes it difficult to drive, strong winds that would make it difficult to walk, basically images that would convince you that you have to stay home and cancel everything you set out for the day. If you’re situated in an area that is frequented by strong hurricanes, the image of a damaged home can haunt you.

Harold Bubil of the Herald Tribune classifies and refers to a hurricane that does not hit full on an area, a small hurricane. These represent the part of the heavy clouds that are far from the eye of the storm. In the description above, the amount of horror that can be foreseen would be more of the previous than the latter. Sarasota, according to Bubil, has experienced a lot of small hurricanes but thankfully is rarely ever directly hit.

The frequency of its visits is a very real concern to its residents and those looking into transferring to the area. How does a Sarasota resident prepare for hurricanes? The National Weather Service (NWS) lists down these reminders on what to do before hurricane season:

  1. Determine safe evacuation routes inland.
  2. Learn locations of official shelters.
  3. Check emergency equipment, such as flashlights, generators, and battery-powered equipment such as cell phones and your NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards receiver.
  4. Buy food that will keep and store drinking water.
  5. Buy plywood or other material to protect your home if you don’t already have it.
  6. Trim trees and shrubbery so branches don’t fly into your home.
  7. Clear clogged rain gutters and downspouts.
  8. Decide where to move your boat.
  9. Review your insurance policy.
  10. Find pet-friendly hotels on your evacuation route.

It is also advised that residents inspect and reinforce their homes before the season to ensure that their refuge will be strong against the storm. Services in inspection and roof repair in Sarasota are sought months before hurricane season.

Among the companies for roof repair in Sarasota FL, Roofing by Curry is the contractors of choice in the area. They have several services that can definitely prevent homeowners from having to put up with the some of the inconveniences brought by the weather.