Why Should You Care about Our “Ask the Seal” Certification

When hiring a roofing company, verifying contractor credentials is an important part of doing your due diligence. Since roofers are not always what they claim to be, looking for the “Ask the Seal” certification helps protect yourself from disreputable companies.

“Ask the Seal” Certification

As one of the few roofers in Southwest Florida with the Seal of Approval, here’s how it benefits you:

It Validates Roofer Honesty

Not all uncertified contractors are going to take you a ride, but all certified ones will be honest with everything. The Seal conducts comprehensive employee background screening and verifies the authenticity of any license and insurance the company claims to have. In other words, The Seal already does the research for you, saving you the time and energy.

A certified company guarantees its employees have passed the nationwide criminal background and sex offender checks. Hiring one helps ensure your family’s safety.

It Helps Weed Out Unreliable Companies

The Seal separates good roofers from the bad. In this day and age, it’s no longer advisable to judge contractors by face value. Modern technology has made easy to falsify documents in support of untruthful claims. Many companies lie about performing complete background checks just to get some business.

Thanks to “Ask the Seal” certification, you no longer have to take anyone’s word for it. If you see the company’s Seal of Approval, you know you’ll be in good hands.

It Shows The Contractor’s Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

Roofing contractors are not required by law to apply for a certification from The Seal. However, the roofers that go out of their way to get certified takes customer satisfaction seriously. As one of those companies, our ultimate goal for undergoing such strict checks is to provide absolute peace of mind to customers.

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