Recommended GAF® Shingles for 10 Architectural Styles

You may already know that GAF®, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, has many roofing options for just about any roofing application. And with a selection this wide, discussing replacement roofing with roofing contractors in Sarasota, FL, can take much of your time. If you have a home that’s based on a popular architectural style, then this guide will make the selection process much easier.

GAF® Shingles for 10 Architectural Styles

1. Victorian — Named after the mid to late 19th century Victorian era, Victorian architecture is known for its tall, narrow structures that combine turrets, towers, and decorative trim. The steeply pitched roofs require a classic, clean look, and this is where Slateline® and Sienna® shingles work well.

2. Colonial — Colonial architecture features a symmetrical, rectangular design. The pitched roof requires an equally symmetrical yet handmade look, which is perfect with the somber gray of Camelot® and Camelot II shingles.

3. Tudor Revival — its decorative half-timbering and stucco exteriors make it an instantly recognizable style. Its rustic look requires an equally rustic treatment; a perfect fit for Slateline and Camelot II shingles.

4. American Craftsman — Created as a response to the then-emerging Industrial Revolution, the American Craftsman (also known as Arts and Crafts) emphasizes the handmade over the machined look. Timberline®, Grand Sequoia® and Grand Canyon® shingles have the wood-shake look that just evokes “handmade”.

5. Tuscan Mediterranean — Famous for its distinct stucco siding, open floor plans and arched entryways, Tuscan Mediterranean architecture is also known for its brick-red to orange tile roofing. For this, you will want to use Monaco® shingles — they look exactly like European clay tiles, and they are much easier for Sarasota roof companies to install and maintain.

6. French Country — The arched doorway and brick exterior lend a welcoming look to French Country homes. Camelot, Slateline, and Woodland® shingles in shades of brown and gray complete the French Country look.

7. Ranch — The typically single-level Ranch home feature understated exteriors, sprawling floor plans and equally sprawling low roof lines. With Grand Sequoia, Grand Canyon and Timberline shingles in tones of brown, black or gray, you’ll have the rugged look down pat.

8. Mountain — Known for its large, rugged exteriors and open layout, the roofing requires earthy colors to match its typically natural siding, a perfect fit with Grand Canyon and Grand Sequoia shingles.

9. Shingle Style — Made popular through New England architecture, it features asymmetrical, open floor plans, lack of ornamentation, and prominent shingle siding. Camelot and Woodland shingles add character without interfering with the clean design.

10. Modern/Contemporary — contemporary homes evoke clean lines, solid shapes, and flexible floor plans. As a result, they require equally clean yet solid roofing, like Slateline shingles.

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