Premier Sarasota Roofing Contractors Draw New Vision from Core Values

Roofing by Curry’s relationships with our clients are built on the four core values we’ve striven to uphold throughout the years: responsibility, professionalism, innovation, and optimism and enthusiasm. Now, at the dawn of the new year, our commitment to becoming premier roofing contractors in Sarasota has driven us to draw up a new vision for the company based on these four tenets.

After all, it is our core values, and the company culture we’ve developed to reflect them, that serve as a guide in our daily dealings. These have allowed us to transform each connection we have with client homeowners and home builders into enduring relationships.

In accordance with the culture our company has adopted, we also believe in keeping our customers informed about how our core values affect our services. Below are short explanations about each one:

  • Responsibility is our most important core value. It simply means that we accept accountability for anything we do. It entails performing our duties with the highest degree of care and answering for our actions if we ever make mistakes. It means being trustworthy in each of our dealings, both within the company and without.
  • Professionalism, in our company, means having the skills, good judgment, and respectful attitude required in order to do our jobs correctly.
  • Innovation is what drives our culture of learning, and of teaching. It is what drives us to seek new ideas and methods that improve the quality of our work and allows us to maintain a high level of performance.
  • Optimism & Enthusiasm entail believing that we have the right people in our employ who show a strong dedication and passion for their job. This is what motivates us to resolve any problem that we might face with a respectful, willing, and committed attitude.

With these core values guiding our decisions, the company has formulated a new vision statement. Launched at our Annual Team Meeting in December 2013, the vision statement reads, “We believe we can make a difference in our community and in the roofing industry, changing the way people perceive roofing. We are professionals.”

By operating under this new vision statement and continuing to meet the standards imposed by our core values, we hope to solidify our position as the most trusted of Sarasota roofing contractors.

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