Minimize and Prevent Damage with a Roof Maintenance Plan

Every day, your roof is exposed to the elements. Eventually, that continuous exposure to the weather can cause harm to your roof. To prevent any minor roof issues from turning into major problems that could mean costly repairs, routine roofing maintenance is the key. Do you have a maintenance plan prepared?

We at Roofing by Curry, one of the most reliable roofing contractors in Sarasota, would like to lend you a hand in keeping your primary line of protection against the weather in good shape. If you don’t have a routine maintenance plan prepared, allow us to provide you with a few tips that can help you minimize and prevent property damage:

  • Inspect the shingles. These are the most visible parts of your roof. If you see that a section of shingles is missing or damaged, have it repaired immediately.
  • Check for roof leaks. Roof leaks can cause a lot of problems in the long run. A leak is the direct result of damage on your roof. Locate the source of the leak and have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent water from wreaking havoc to the attic or the home interior.
  • Check the fascia and soffits for signs of damage. The fascia and soffits cover the end of the roof eaves and the underside of the overhanging section of the roof, respectively. As such, they can be quite vulnerable to water and wind damage. Clogged gutters might cause damage to these sections of the roof. Make sure you clean the gutters while you’re checking the fascia and soffits for any signs of damage.
  • Hire a professional to help you out. A professional can help you inspect the roof in a more thorough manner, and they may be able to give you suggestions on what the best course of action is if any signs of damage are detected.

At Roofing by Curry, we understand the importance of having a maintenance plan for your roof. That’s why when you hire us, we offer superior customer support by inspecting your roof on a regular basis to look for any signs of damage. You can also schedule an appointment if you suspect that something is wrong with your roof. Let us help you diagnose the condition of your roof so you can stop problems that are waiting to happen dead in their tracks. As one of the most reliable Sarasota roofing contractors, feel free to contact Roofing by Curry for more information on regular roof maintenance.