Metal Roof Myths You Should Stop Believing

Metal roofs are some of the most popular choices today. However, they’re not without misconceptions. If you’re on the fence about this modern solution, debunk your misguided assertions first. As one of the top roofers in Sarasota, FL, Roofing by Curry dispels the four myths about metal roofing systems:

Metal Roof

They Are Not for Traditional Homes

Metal roofs maybe relatively new, but they’re not just for contemporary homes. They also suit Old-World architectural styles, including Colonial and Victorian, and lend them a transitional appeal. Roofing by Curry offers an array of metal roofing varieties. From the crisp and sleek standing seam system to graceful and lightweight tiles, we have plenty of options to meet your unique aesthetic needs.

They Do Not Add Value

Contrary to popular belief, homeowners and roofers in Sarasota actually give high value to metal roof replacement. According to Remodeling magazine’s “2016 Cost Vs. Value Report,” in the South Atlantic region, homeowners can expect up to 75.9% of returns on their investment.

They Are Noisy in the Rain

Experienced contractors would disapprove this. In fact, metal systems are no louder than other roof types. Expert contractors like us generally install them over homes with attic space and insulation, buffering outside noise effectively. They may even be quieter, as the solid sheathing attached to the underlayment helps block the sound.

They Attract Lightning

They don’t increase the chances of your home getting hit by lightning. Metal only conducts electricity, not attract it. In fact, trusted Sarasota roofers like us recommend metal roofing systems because they’re non-combustible.

Separate the facts from fiction and invest in a metal roofing system for your next project. It can protect your home for years without too much maintenance. It also comes in various styles and colors for added curb appeal.

If you have questions about metal roofs, call Roofing by Curry today at (941) 270-4770. You can also fill out our contact form to request a free estimate.