Managing Roof Leaks Before the Experts Arrive

Your roof protects your home from the weather; once leaks develop, that’s a clear sign that your roof is compromised. Contacting us for help should be your first step. In the meantime, you can still safeguard your home by following these tips:

Preventing Water Damage To Your Interior

After calling the top roofing contractors in Sarasota, FL, for help, your first priority is to prevent interior water damage. Leaks develop slowly as water slowly accumulates in your ceiling space. This water then tries to find an escape route to drip down. Leaving a leak alone for several hours can lead to multiple drip points and water stains, so don’t wait for that to happen. Locate the bulge in the ceiling; punch a hole at this spot to release the water and direct them to this point.

This can initially release a large amount of water so be prepared with large buckets. By doing this, you make managing the leak much easier since the water is directed to a single point. You can collect this water in buckets, or use a simple funnel to redirect it away from your interior.

Constructing The Funnel

You’ll need an empty plastic bottle that can hold a gallon, some sharp scissors, duct tape, a garden hose, and a ladder. Cut away the bottom of the bottle, then turn it outside down to make a funnel. Attach the hose to the opening of the bottle and secure it using some duct tape. Afterwards, run the hose out of your interior. Attach the funnel to the ladder and place it right underneath the leak. This should lead the water safely away from your interior.

Looking For The Leak

While you should leave precise leak location to professional Sarasota roof companies like us, you might want to help. Once it’s safe out you can perform a simple visual inspection. Look for one or more missing shingles, leaves or debris clogging your gutters, or a large object that fell on your roof. If you can access your attic, you can also use a flashlight and look for evidence of moisture like mold, black marks, or moisture stains. If you see any of these signs, tell us so we can get started fixing your roof quickly.

With timely response, you’ll avoid damaging your interior. Roofing by Curry will conduct a thorough investigation of your roofing system and perform repairs and maintenance to make sure that roof leaks won’t happen again. We’ll go the extra mile and return your roof to top condition. Give us a call to learn more about roof leaks and leak prevention, or for a free estimate.