How to Foster a Good Relationship With Your Roofer

Developing a good homeowner-roofer relationship makes the home improvement experience pleasant for both parties. You could get the best from your contractor, and your roofer would find working for you rewarding.

Good Relationship With Your Roofer

Use Roofing by Curry’s tips to foster a healthy contractor relationship to reap positive results in your new roof construction, re-roofing, or roof repair project:

Take Your Time

Good relationships don’t happen overnight. Time breeds trust, so avoid rushing things. Instead of going straight to discussing your project, try to get to know your roofer first. Listen to stories about past customers, which you can verify later on. Be a great interviewer, and ask your biggest questions, ease your concerns, and learn about your prospective roofer’s credentials.

Meet up in person as much as possible. Even if you have a busy schedule, find the time to speak with your roofing contractor at home to better explain your situation. An in-person appointment is an excellent time to see what makes your roofer tick. Phone calls and emails may be convenient, but nothing beats face-to-face conversation when gauging the personality of roofing contractors.

Put a Premium on Communication

Respond to any communication promptly. Always consider your contractor’s time as important as yours. Acknowledging the receipt of an email or a text message the moment you read it is a sign of respect.

Understand that your project isn’t the only one your roofer is trying to squeeze into the calendar. Quick responses equal your seriousness as a customer. After all, seamless collaboration is key to a smooth and successful roofing project.

Make the Experience Enjoyable

All roofing companies would agree that workers are extra motivated in a welcoming environment. It may not be part of the contract, but it would be nice to designate a bathroom your roofing crew can use. Friendly greetings and compliments for praiseworthy work go a long way.

At Roofing by Curry, our rave reviews and high ratings on Angie’s List and Google are proof of our great relationships with our past clients. Be our next satisfied customer. Call us at (941) 270-4770 today to schedule your appointment in Sarasota and get a FREE estimate.