Tile Roofing/Tile Roof Repair

tile reroof, roof replacement sarasota flRoof tile has been used for hundreds of years, and today is one of Florida’s most common forms of roofing. When it comes to durability, cement or concrete roof tiles perform best in our climate because they will not burn, rot or curl, and have a high level of solar reflectivity. As an alternative, clay tile adds character and architectural authenticity that can be suited to both modern and historic projects. Clay tile can also withstand exposure to the elements and becomes more durable over time.

Roof tiles drain water well due to their unique structure. There are many roof tile shapes available, including flat, barrel and tower. Below is a list of tile manufacturers that we use and recommend.

Whatever manufacturer you choose, Roofing by Curry offers comprehensive tile services – tile roof installations, tile roof repairs and tile roof maintenance – all at affordable prices.

“I Thought My Tile Roof Would Last a Lifetime, But It’s Leaking!”

Tile is valued for its durability and great aesthetic value. Because of that, most people expect a tile roof to last a lifetime and are usually surprised when they end up needing Sarasota roof repair due to a leak. What prevents water from getting into your home is actually the felt or underlayment beneath the tiles. For a long time, most roofing felt was made of asphalt. Asphalt expands and contracts in the extreme weather conditions common to Florida, and cracks lead to a leaky roof. In some instances, cracked tiles could escalate the situation since they expose felt to the elements, causing the felt to become soaked and then brittle as it repeatedly gets wet and then dries.

For Tile Roof Repair in Sarasota, FL, Trust Our Experts

There is a common assumption that repairing a leak in a tile roof can easily be done by replacing a couple of tiles. This assumption is wrong, as tile roof repair in Sarasota, FL, can be quite detailed and time-consuming. The tile repair experts at Roofing by Curry have been specially trained to find existing problems on tile roofs and carry out repairs that prevent any future leaks. By contacting us, you are assured of careful, professional service for your roof and every part of your home.

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