GAF®’s Revolutionary Measurement and 3D Visualization Tool

GAF®, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer has recently launched its newest app, e360. It’s an advanced 3D visualizer and estimator. As a GAF Master Elite™ contractor, Roofing by Curry takes pride in being part of the brand and in having access to this innovative tool. Let us expound on its benefits.

Visualization Tool

Saves Time

Roofing installation can be a complex job; without the right tools and experience, it can take time and lead to an increase in labor and material costs. The e360 app can help make the job easier for both homeowners and Sarasota roofing contractors.

Using the app through a smartphone or tablet, take four to eight pictures of the property. One set of the photo will provide you with an accurate measurement of your home’s components. This will reduce the required time to find out your roof’s measurement.

A Clear View

Within 24 hours of taking a picture, the app will create an unobstructed 3D rendering of your home. This will provide you with a complete measurement of each of its components. This will also remove issues related to obstructions, such as trees or shrubbery, which can render regular measuring tools inefficient.

Our GAF Shingles

You can count on GAF Master Elite roofing companies in Sarasota, to recommend the best roof for your home. For instance, Roofing by Curry offers the brand’s popular Timberline® shingle roofs. They can withstand strong winds and severe weather conditions. They’re also available in a wide range of colors and profiles to match your home’s architectural style. In fact, we have shingle roofs that can mimic the look of wood shakes and slate.

Furthermore, we have Timberline “Cool” shingles that feature highly reflective surfaces for a cooler home. We also have impact-resistant shingles that are impervious to damage caused by hailstones, preserving your roof’s service life and beauty for years to come. Lastly, all of our GAF roofs come with exclusive warranties for your peace of mind.

Whether you need a Sarasota roof repair or replacement, expect Roofing by Curry to make the process easy for you. Call us today at (941) 270-4770 for your roofing needs.