Features You Should Look for in Roofs

Each roof has its own unique traits. It is vital to choose roofs based on what your home needs. Do you want to improve comfort in your home? Do you want to make your home attractive? In this article, Roofing by Curry discusses the features that you should look for in a roof replacement.


Energy Efficiency

As one of your trusted roofers in Sarasota, FL, we offer metal roofs that can help make your home cozier. These come with reflective surfaces that will keep the heat of the sun from filling your home. This way, you won’t be relying too much on your heating units, leading to more energy savings. We also have tile roofs that can improve ventilation in your home, making it more livable.


We offer roofs that will endure for many years. From our asphalt shingles to our metal options, these can withstand strong winds, making these suitable to Florida’s climate conditions. Our metal roofs can also prevent water from entering your home. We also have tile roofs that can withstand damage caused by hail and thunderstorms. Moreover, rest assured that our tile roofs could resist fire.


As one of your preferred roofers in Sarasota, we offer roofs that can add value to your home. These come in an array of colors and profiles that will match the style of your home.  You can go for oak to give your home a rustic appeal. You can also choose bright colors that will work best during the hot summer in Florida. We also provide tile roofs that look like wood and shake that will add character to your home.

Rely on Roofing by Curry to help you find the roof that will work for your home. Feel free to give us a call today at (941)-270-4770 for a free estimate.