Energy-Efficient Roofing Systems Start with Roofing by Curry

The roof is designed to protect your home from the elements and at the same time, add beauty to your property. When installing a new roof or replacing an old one, it is highly recommended that you consider using materials that can help you reduce your utility bills. This is something we at Roofing by Curry can help you with. Considered one of the premier roofing contractors in Sarasota, we can help you install and maintain a roofing system that can make your home more energy-efficient.

Make Your Roof Energy-Efficient

After a spell of bad weather, broken and damaged roofing systems can result in leaks or problems with insulation. If left unchecked, they can cause more complicated issues. A roof that is well-maintained, on the other hand, is more reliable and energy-efficient.

With three decades of experience working on various roofing systems in Sarasota, Roofing by Curry can help you make your roofing tougher and more energy-efficient. We use roofing products of the highest quality and provide the finest workmanship at reasonable prices. Being a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor, we are very knowledgeable when it comes to materials that can help make your home more comfortable and functional. For instance, if you want to make your roof cooler, we can retrofit your roofing system with specialized heat reflective material. With our maintenance and roof repair in Sarasota, we can help you keep your roof in the best condition not only to make it more energy-efficient, but also to extend its life span.

Cooler Roofing Systems

To save on cooling costs, it is certainly beneficial to install roofing systems designed to efficiently reflect heat and help reduce temperatures inside your home. This is highly recommended for houses located in areas with warmer climates like Florida. When installed, “cool” roofing systems deflect harsh UV rays and prevent your property from absorbing too much heat from the sun, which helps reduce the need to use your air conditioning system all the time. As a result, you’ll get cooler and comfortable home and reduced energy bills.

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