Common Roofing Errors that Roofers Should Avoid

Roofing jobs require a significant amount of investment, which is why you need to make sure you’re hiring the right roofers in Sarasota, FL. Doing so will let you avoid common roofing errors such as:

Common Roofing Errors

Mismatched Shingles

Non-professional roofers tend to get their roofing supplies from different suppliers. This means that they’re more likely to mismatch your roofing shingles just to get the job done. Professional roofers such as Roofing by Curry, however, will provide everything you need from a single source. As a GAF® Master Elite™ contractor, we offer the brand’s asphalt shingle roof along with all its components for easier accountability.

Not Tearing Off the Old Roof

Simply installing a new roof over an existing one can weigh it down and compromise your home’s overall structure. Furthermore, existing damage found in the old roof can affect the quality of the new roof, shortening its service life. As GAF-certified Sarasota roofers, we’re trained to implement safety practices, which includes tearing off old roofing before installing a new one. By doing so, we remove the risks of simply installing a new roof over an old one.

Faulty Installation

While the quality of a roof is essential to its overall performance, it’s still dependent on the quality of its installation. After all, you can’t expect a roof to perform if it’s not installed properly. Even the smallest deviations like the numbers of nails used or shingle spacing can affect its performance. Rest assured that professional roofers like us can install your roofing seamlessly so you can enjoy its benefits without worries.

Neglecting Ventilation

Every roofing system should be well-ventilated for long-lasting protection. Heat that builds up in your attic and is unable to escape can wear down your shingles prematurely and deteriorate your roof deck over time. Our roofs’ components that will help expel excessive heat and moisture, improving ventilation in your attic.

At Roofing by Curry, you can have the peace of mind knowing that our roofers in Sarasota have the necessary experience and training that will ensure a flawless and successful roofing installation. In fact, our GAF-certified roofs come with exclusive warranties that will protect you should there be any problem with the materials used and quality of installation. Call us today at (941) 270-4770 for a FREE estimate.