Addressing Common Roofing Problems

Your roof is hardly the most problematic structure in your home. When it does encounter a problem, however, it’s easy to underestimate how serious the problems can be. This is why preventive roof repair is essential to keep your roof “healthy”. Roofing by Curry discusses what needs to be done when your home experiences common roof problems.

Common Roofing Problems

Leaks and Moisture Damage

Leaks are the most common problem your roof will encounter, but it’s far from the most harmless one. In fact, most roofing problems, such as a roof structure weakened by moisture damage, can trace its roots to one or several leaks in your roofing. Addressing this problem is simple, as all it requires is patching. However, we highly recommend addressing the leak immediately when it’s still small as it can grow in just a matter of weeks.

Shingle Blow-Offs

Another common problem your roof will encounter is a blown-off shingle. Most roofing companies attribute this problem to the sheer strength of the wind, though roofers also consider the operating performance of your shingles themselves. One or two shingles getting blown off is “normal”. But if a large patch of shingles gets blown off, then the roof may need to be replaced soon.BlisteringBlisters form “naturally” on the roof as it ages, and often arises when the waterproofing granules get torn off. Additionally, water damage, alongside a sudden shift to a hotter temperature, might encourage large blisters to form as the moisture trapped within the shingles attempt to escape. Replacing the shingles with the blisters is the solution here. Although like with blown-offs, don’t rule out the age of your shingles.

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