A Worry-Free Roof Maintenance Program from Roofing by Curry

Your roof serves as your main protection against Florida’s harsh summer days. Different elements could cause the deterioration of your roof’s performance. Old age and damage can also lead to even more structural damage. Roofing by Curry, one of the most trusted roofing companies in Sarasota, keeps your roof in top shape with our efficient maintenance program.

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Common Roofing Problems

Damage is not always noticeable at first glance. Our trained staff can track down possible sources of damage and provide the appropriate solutions. Here are some of the common roofing problems that we look for.

  • Deterioration – We look for loss of shingle granules, as this is a sign that your roof is weakening
  • Dislocation – We look for noticeable signs of damage like cracked tiles or missing shingles
  • Exposure of underlayment – Roof underlayment gets exposed because of strong winds and harsh weather
  • Damage – Strong winds can blow debris onto your roof. This debris could then accumulate in the gutters and drains, preventing water from flowing properly. If left to deteriorate, it can lead to water damage

Roofing Maintenance from Roofing by Curry

To avoid costly repairs and major roofing problems, Roofing by Curry offers a hassle-free maintenance program. We will help extend your roof’s life span and give you peace of mind throughout the year. Here are a just a few benefits from our regular maintenance.

  1. You can avoid unplanned repairs by detecting roof problems early on
  2. Your roof can continue to protect you against the elements
  3. Hiring professional roof companies in Sarasota means a thorough and accurate inspection

Our roofing maintenance program entails debris removal, gutter inspection, and preparation for the storm season. When you schedule a roof inspection, we will come visit your home, inspect your roof inside out, and prepare a checklist. We will then discuss your roof’s condition and talk about any repairs or replacements needed.

Don’t wait for your problems to get worse. Avoid roofing troubles by stopping them before they have a chance to spread throughout your home. Learn more about Roofing by Curry’s routine maintenance program by calling us at (941) 270-4770. You can also schedule a free in-home consultation by filling out our online contact form.