7 Signs of a Failing Roof

By the time you notice a leak on your roof, it will very likely be in the later stages of roofing failure. Roofing failure isn’t readily noticeable in its early stages unless the roof is properly inspected. If circumstances do not allow you to hire roofers in Sarasota, FL, to perform inspections, looking out for these signs is your second best option.

Signs of a Failing Roof

  1. Your Roof is Over 20 Years Old — The fact that most roofing warranties expire at this time is a clue: even if the effects of aging aren’t obvious, you should start preparing for a complete roof replacement.
  2. Curled Shingles — Shingles that curl inwards or from the edges mean they are severely weathered. Consequently, they may let rainwater onto the roof deck and start leaks if not addressed soon.
  3. Missing Shingles — Shingles tend to be pried off by wind. If the surrounding shingles are still firmly attached, it should be a simple matter to just have the missing shingle replaced. However, if several shingles are starting to fall off, you’ll be needing that appointment with roofers in Sarasota soon.
  4. Cracked Shingles — Relatively new shingles don’t easily crack, so if you do find cracked shingles, they’re likely past their service date. As with missing shingles, individual cracked shingles can be replaced.
  5. Water Stains in the Attic — The problem with roof leaks is that they rarely go straight down, so a thorough inspection of the attic is required to find the source. If you find sunlight streaming in the attic through the roof, you need to get your roof fixed soon.
  6. Granules in the Gutter — A few granules are just loose, excess asphalt, and shouldn’t be a problem. But if you’re seeing a lot of granules in the gutter and the runoff, your shingles are definitely aging and should be replaced.
  7. The Whole Roof is Sagging — This is actually more of a structural issue than just the actual roofing, but we figure it’s worth mentioning as some homeowners don’t think this is something that should be addressed immediately, as it affects the roof deck and support beams.

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