4 Ways to Ensure a Hassle-Free Roof Repair Project

Planning your roof repair project is easy to do on paper, but you’ll quickly find out that there’s more to your roof than just addressing a patch of shingles that have been torn off. Roofing by Curry lists four tips and reminders to ensure a successful roof repair project.

Roof Repair Project

1. Do Your Own Inspection.

Before anything else, do an in-depth inspection of your roof and determine the extent of the damage and the work you’ll have to do. This is an integral part of the planning process, as knowing what to address is what will guide you through the whole process. Consider everything, from the tiniest leak to the most noticeable structural tearing.

2. Hire a Local Roofing Contractor.

While it’s tempting to do the repair work on your own, it’s more economical to hire local roofing contractors to repair your roof. The roof is a dangerous place, and you can easily hurt yourself if you slip off the surface. Hiring us means you’re taking advantage of our years of experience in the industry.

3. Set a Budget.

After the initial inspection and examination from our team, you will have an idea how much money your repair work will cost you. This is where it’s advantageous to hire a roofer like us at Roofing by Curry as we have access to higher-quality roof materials at better prices. If add-ons to your roof are necessary, make sure you include them in your budget.

4. Set a Schedule.

Finally, pick a schedule that’s most convenient for you and your family. Schedule your repair work on a day that’s sunny or temperate as doing the repair work on a rainy day will result in your roof accruing moisture damage even as it’s being repaired.

As one of the few GAF Master Elite™ roof companies in the area, count on Roofing by Curry to provide your roof the professional repair work it needs. Give us a call at (941) 270-4770 for more information on our services. We offer professional roof repair in Sarasota and the surrounding areas.