4 Questions to Ask Your Roofer Before Installation Begins

Most homeowners will only ever need to replace their roofs once in their lifetimes, so it’s likely they aren’t thoroughly familiar with how roofing contractors work. Keeping a smooth relationship with your roofing contractor is important to your project’s success, so when we’re hired by a client, we appreciate answering the following questions before the project begins:Questions to Ask Your Roofer

  1. What will your project timeline be? An important thing to remember about roof replacement, and remodeling in general, is the project timeline doesn’t just consist of start and end dates. The mark of a capable roofing contractor is the ability to lay out a timeline that includes preparations prior to installation, daily goals, and procedures in case of unavoidable delays. Most importantly, the contractor should be able to stick to schedule.

  2. Who will be in charge? Generally, roofing companies have an installation team leader with whom the client has direct contact with. We make sure our team leaders and clients are well acquainted well before the start date; we believe in keeping the communication lines as simple as possible. From the client standpoint, dealing with a single point person, as opposed to being shunted through different departments, is incredibly convenient and saves a lot of resources.

  3. How are we going to communicate? Whether you are a tech-savvy person who prefers communicating through the internet or if you prefer old-fashioned phone calls, it’s not a problem with us as long as you can be reached one way or the other. Communication is important if urgent decisions have to be made during the course of the project.

  4. How will you protect my exterior? Roofing projects generate a lot of discarded materials, including the old roof, product packaging from the new roof, and hundreds of discarded nails. Most of the time, these waste materials are pushed off the roof’s edges; if the contractor isn’t careful, it could damage your landscaping or other adjacent exterior parts. Every member of our team has received factory training and knows the precautions for keeping our clients’ homes safe and clean.

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