4 Commercial Roofing Warranty Questions to Consider

Few people actually enjoy reading through pages of terms and conditions set forth in roofing warranties, but your commercial roof’s longevity largely depends on it. You should be able to review the roofing warranties from prospective roofers well before you even sign them up. Before you consider signing on the dotted line, make sure you consider the following questions:

Commercial Roofing Warranty

  1. What kind of coverage do I want? Roofing warranties should cover at least two parts: material and workmanship. The former covers problems that may arise from factory defects, while the latter covers problems caused by installation errors. Note that material warranties are somewhat ubiquitous, but workmanship warranties are not, so there’s the chance that you could end up paying out of your own pocket if the warranty doesn’t cover installation errors.

  2. Who is backing the warranty? Typically, the manufacturer backs the material warranty, while contractors back the workmanship warranty. In some cases, the manufacturer backs both. In our case, as certified GAF Master Select™ contractors, GAF covers both parts of the warranties, ensuring that the completed repair work is up to their standards.

  3. What should I pick– no dollar limit, original cost, or prorated? You may already have seen these three terms in commercial roofing warranty literature provided by roofers. In a nutshell, a no dollar limit warranty will cover the full cost of the repair work; an original cost warranty covers the cost of the repair work, up to the total cost of the original roof installation; prorated warranties diminish in value during the roof’s lifespan. Among all three, no dollar limit warranties provide the best coverage.

  4. When does filing insurance claims apply? Look for the section that lists the circumstances covered by both material and workmanship warranties. More importantly, make a note of what it doesn’t cover. These exclusions are where your insurance coverage begins. To ensure business continuity, consult with your insurance adjuster on which circumstances fall within your insurance coverage.

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