3 Long-Term Benefits of a Roofing Project for 2015

Give your roof a bit more love this year. Think about starting a roofing project with the help of one of the reliable roof companies in Sarasota, such as Roofing by Curry. Why should you invest in your roof?

Here are some long-term benefits you’ll enjoy when you repair or replace your roof:Increased Property Value

Whether you’re putting your house up for sale or not, making sure your property retains its value is important. You’ll never know what may happen in the future. Keeping your roof in good condition can help you get the price you want (or even higher) for your home. Additionally, last year’s Cost Vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine shows that you can recover as much as 71% on a midrange replacement project.

Better Protection Against the Elements

Varying weather conditions can be stressful on your roof. You need to make sure that it can withstand extreme conditions, otherwise, you’re putting your family and assets at risk. Leaks on the roof may damage your walls, insulation, and ceiling. A simple leak can easily lead to costly repairs and replacements if you don’t fix it on time.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Some types of roofing can get extremely hot, especially during summer. A hot roof can make your cooling system work harder than it’s should to keep a comfortable temperature inside your home. To save energy costs while maintaining comfort, think about switching to energy-efficient roofing, such as a cool metal roof. This type of roofing can help lower energy consumption, greenhouse emissions, and air pollution.

Are you planning to invest on your home this year? Start with your roof so you can enjoy these long-term benefits. For more information on the benefits of roof maintenance and replacement, consult Roofing by Curry. We are one of the few Sarasota roof companies with a GAF® Master Elite™ certification and a BBB exceptional rating.