3 Clever Tips to Harmonize Your Roof with Your Landscape

Many factors come into play when deciding on your roof design. However, apart from your personal taste and performance requirements, you should focus on your landscape too. It should blend well with Mother Nature and other exterior elements of your home. As one of the leaders in roof replacement and roof repair in Sarasota, Roofing by Curry shares with you clever tips on incorporating your roof with your yard and the larger area where you live:

Roof with Your Landscape

Pick Your Color Thoughtfully

Look around to check the existing hues in the environment. The look of your roof should blend with the present colors to create visual harmony. Even if you want your roofing to be the focal point, it should complement the varying tones of your hardscape and earthy shades of your yard.

If you intend to give your exterior home design a revamp, pay attention to continuity to complete your palette soundly. Some colors complement your home better than others do, so explore your options well to know which ones are safer to work with.

Put a Premium on Texture

Experienced roofing contractors in Sarasota like us would tell you that texture adds visual weight. Your architecture needs a healthy diversity, and you can use texture to round out your design. With color, consider the elements that would remain unchanged after the remodel. This way, you can decide on the right roof texture to balance your overall exterior design.

Place Emphasis on Geometry

Lines and shapes promote balance and cohesion in architecture. If your siding has no prominent vertical or horizontal details, then you should go with rounded or semi-cylindrical roof tiles. Otherwise, accentuate the connection with a metal roof’s straight seams. To accentuate squares and rectangles, asphalt shingles make a smart choice.

Many more parameters go into choosing roofing design. Learn more helpful tips and call Roofing by Curry today, one of the roof companies in Sarasota. You can reach us at (941) 270-4770 to discuss your next roofing project.